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Establishing a high-quality, efficient trauma system was a top priority for the Health Care District after voters approved the District’s creation more than 20 years ago. One of the Health Care District Board’s first actions was the purchase of a 创伤鹰 helicopter to airlift critically injured patients to the designated trauma centers.

创伤鹰 Air Ambulance

创伤鹰 helicopter flying in air

The Health Care District of Palm Beach County owns and operates two air ambulances. With a cruising speed of up to 178 miles per hour, the Sikorsky S76-C+ 创伤鹰 air ambulances save lives by ensuring that critically injured patients can quickly receive the care they need.

大于2,300 square miles, Palm Beach County is the largest county by area in Florida, making air transport to one of the area’s two 创伤中心 even more critical.

安全, rapid air transport is critical in the “Golden Hour," the 60-minute window when the human body can compensate for injury. After that, the chances for recovery diminish significantly.

机组人员Flight crew standing in front of a 创伤鹰 helicopter

The 创伤鹰 flight crew is highly skilled and experienced. Crew members are medical professionals with years of training and experience in the field and in hospital critical care and trauma departments.

The air medical team includes:

  • At least one commercial instrument-rated pilot
  • A Florida-licensed registered nurse who also is a state-certified paramedic, and
  • An additional state-certified paramedic.
  • The medical team members are Palm Beach County Fire Rescue personnel.

Dedicated crew members work every day to make sure Palm Beach County residents and visitors receive the critical life-saving care they need during the “Golden Hour” following an accident. That’s the time when treatment literally makes the difference between life and death.

Inside the helicopters

创伤鹰 helicopters are configured with state-of-the-art medical equipment to allow the experienced and highly-skilled air medical team to provide care for the patient.Two patients on stretchers inside the 创伤鹰

Both helicopters feature:

  • A rotatable stretcher system that allows for rapid loading and unloading, which can quickly be configured for two patients if necessary.
  • 206 cubic feet of patient care area with seating for medical attendants and storage cabinets for necessary medical equipment and supplies.
  • Medical supplies and equipment to perform advanced life support, including oxygen supply system, 第四温暖, 抽吸系统, patient monitoring devices, ventilator and infusion systems.


Aeromedical Hangar

The helicopters and staff are stationed at a state-of-the-art hangar facility at the Palm Beach International Airport. 该设施, which was developed by the Health Care District, functions as the base of operations for the 创伤鹰 program. Learn more about the Aeromedical Hangar.