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School Health

Keeping Students Healthy and Ready to Learn written on a Blackboard

The Health Care District of Palm Beach County is committed to being the health care safety net for Palm Beach County.  Along with our partners, the School District of Palm Beach County and the Palm Beach County Department of Health School Health, we are committed to promoting and improving the health and #wellnessforourstudents through a School Health Program that prevents and addresses physical, social and emotional health problems; achieves learning readiness; and, enhances their quality of life.  

The Services provided to students, by our caring, dedicated and competent #HCDSchoolHealthHero staff,  include nursing assessments, first aid, medication administration, chronic health condition management, FL mandated screenings (Vision, Hearing, BMI and Scoliosis), COVID-19 Screening and testing, referrals and consultations with parents and providers. 

In the 2021-2022 school year, the Health Care District’s School Health Program, located in 166 PBC Public Schools, received 563,593 Visits from 107,843 unique students, including:

130,136 COVID-19 screenings and 13,224 COVID-19 Tests
125,126 Vision, Hearing, BMI, and Scoliosis screenings 
112,867 medication administration
108,209 illness and injury 
66,726 procedures
44,445 record reviews
24,905 consultations

91% of the students seen in the Health Room are able to return to class

2023-2024 School Health Nursing Team